Is plant based protein powder better than whey protein?

plant based protein powders in scoop


  1. Will plant-based protein powder give the same benefits as normal whey?
  2. Does it have all the required nutrition value?
  3. Is it worth buying?

In this current era where animal cruelty is an emerging issue, people are switching their lifestyle to veganism. It includes people from the fitness world as well.

In the current age, a new form of protein powder has emerged known as Plant based protein powder or vegan protein

We know that protein is essential to build muscle mass and that is why people like bodybuilders and athletes consume a good amount of protein on daily basis. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to have protein from food.

This is where supplement brands come into play.

All these years, we have used these whey protein powders but now it is concerning many whether these companies are practising animal exploitation.

What is Plant based protein powder?

As we all know whey protein is a by-product of milk which comes from animals and vegan protein powder is the substitute for milk as it comes from brown rice, soy, pea, hemp etc.

Now the real question is whether it can replace the normal whey protein powder?

There are few things that you need to keep in mind while buying whey protein. One of the most important aspects is its protein per scoop ratio.

different forms of plant based protein powder in scoops.

An average whey brand gives 24g of protein in a serving of 30g, whereas a vegan brand gives you 20g protein in a serving of 30-40g (it defers from brand to brand).

Another aspect of it is the amino acids, Whey protein helps to build the muscles, which contain nothing but amino acids. But the main problem here is that this vegan whey does not contain all the nine essential amino acids present in the normal whey.

This is the main concern because the human body cannot produce these nine amino acids, so bodybuilders and other athletes prefer consuming them through whey protein.

Benefits of plant based protein powder

There was a clinical study in 2013 that reveals vegan whey is as good as normal whey, In that study, it was discovered that all those people who took vegan whey as their supplement had the same impact on their body as the other people who took normal whey.

There are also some other benefits that vegan whey give

Plant based protein powder for muscle building

body weight training with weight ball

In a study of 8 weeks, it was discovered that all the people who took plant-based whey protein powder didn’t have any disadvantages while recovering from the High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT).

So, if you thing plant-based whey will not be as effective as a normal whey, then I can surely tell you it will have the same impact as a normal whey.

Yes, you can say that the per serving ratio will be a lot less but you can easily get that with a proper and nutritious diet.

Especially pea whey is said to be helpful for muscle thickening at the same time. Vegan whey can be consumed without worrying about less protein intake.


Should I buy vegan protein powder?

Everyone has their own opinion on such products. Some people do not recommend you to buy it, but many people are gradually opting for this supplement because it is environment friendly, it does the job perfectly as required, and there is no known side effects.

So, if you are someone who likes these features and can compromise on taste as it has no artificial sweeteners (although many companies are focusing on this issues) and you want to pay a little more for the environment, the vegan whey/plant-based whey protein powder is the one for you.


NOTE: If you have any query about whey protein powder or want a review of a whey brand or anything regarding WHEY, feel free to comment down below and we will write about it for you.

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