How to lose weight fast with whey protein?

weight loss with whey protein powder


  1. Relation between whey protein and fat loss.
  2. Does it really help to lose weight?
  3. What are the factors to keep in mind while losing weight?

In the current age of get-in-shape, one of the main questions is whether to consume Whey Protein to lose weight.

 Not just athletes or bodybuilders, many fitness freaks have a genuine niche to it.

What happens when I tell you, that with a regular intake of Whey Protein Powder you can lose weight and even belly fat?

Well, let me break this down for you,

For weight loss, food has a major part of 70 per cent to play and the rest 30 per cent depends on exercise. So, it is one of the key nutrients to build muscles and strengthen up.

Therefore, if I ask you the most important source of this valuable nutrient? The answer is our topic of discussion.

Whey is a by-product in a liquid form separated from milk when it is processed from cheese and then through the various process it is turned into powder.

It is considered a high-quality protein, containing all 22 amino acids generally required by our body from external sources. Okay so let’s get down to the business and see how it helps.


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What is the relation between weight loss and Whey Protein?


As we very well know the daily requirement of protein in our body is 1gm per kg of the body weight, therefore if you are 50 kilograms and 10 kilograms overweight then you would need 40gm of protein to consume.

reduce in body fat

Before a workout, it is mostly advised to have simple carbohydrates and high protein content after, as the carbohydrate before helps to channel fat in the body to burn and later protein helps to build muscles.

Research has shown that regular intake of whey can help you add good bulk of muscles still lose fat fast.

Hence adding it to water, milk, or whatever you prefer the most, and boost up your daily protein intake.

Also, as a matter-of-fact whey is fast plus easily digested and absorbed by our body. Whey Protein is the best source of protein, mostly for vegetarians as most of you might not have the right alternative for it, this is where it can help. 

Consumption of whey in a calorie-controlled diet will help you to shed excess weight and gain more muscles when partnered up with exercise.


Will whey protein Help Weight Loss?


Generally, when we try to lose fat, it requires a low-calorie intake to burn body fat.

Taking protein-rich food along with supplements will help to feel fuller for a longer time.

whey protein powder with protein bar
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Hence, chances of binge-eating get scrolled out, with results of healthy weight and good strength.  

A review in 2021 showed whey protein supplements, reduces body weight and body fat by boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite.

 Whey is also loaded with leucine and cysteine, which are again high-quality protein.

An analysis in 2008 laid 49 studies supporting these supplements, pointing out improvement in muscle size as well as strength in healthy adults.

They have an equal effect on men and women.

But the effect might reduce with gaining age as older people require more protein than younger ones.

Protein is also a good muscle healer, which means it helps to repair damaged muscles and tissues.

 Many athletes use supplements to recover from injuries. Thus, taking them after exercise can help you improve muscle performance and muscle protein synthesis. 


Is There Any Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss?


When you are trying to lose weight with a good diet and whey protein, you should keep in mind that it is a supplement to your entire food diet.

Again, you need to balance it with whole foods to ensure a good intake of minerals, fibre, vitamins, etc.

At the moment of picking up the right protein powder, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Before selecting check for any kind of artificial flavours or sugar content, protein powders with high sugar content does no good rather ruins all the hard work done.
  • It is also necessary that they don’t contain any kind of fillers or chemicals that are harmful to the body.
  • A powder with a blend of high-quality proteins like, whey, soy, egg, will offer complete protein with all essential 9 amino acids.
  • It should not contain added taurine, creatine, BCAAs, beta-alanine, glycine—they are high-nitrogen amino acids which makes it artificial, containing far more protein than it literally should.
  • It is important not to stick to smoothies as they don’t count as whole meals, research shows people are more satisfied with food being chewed as it signals the brain with the digestive system. Thus, having it with oatmeal or healthy pancakes might help. 

After achieving your weight loss goal you can continue to have whey protein during workouts, especially after a workout to help with recovery and maintain muscle.

 Also keeping in mind exercise is the key to a healthy life, then accordingly you should combine resistance training with your supplements. Well holding onto these topics might help you to get-set.



writer: Sneha Dey

NOTE: If you have any query about whey protein powder or want a review of a whey brand or anything regarding WHEY, feel free to comment down below and we will write about it for you.


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