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From gaining strength, growing more muscles, to weight loss protein is the most important factor. Most sources might not be enough to fulfil your body’s protein requirement.

As you know very well Whey is one of the popular competitors in the supplement market. It is also a high source of protein and a great addition to your diet for weight loss.

This is where Whey Protein comes into work but as you get introduced to this amazing supplement you realize that it also has different types. These are Concentrate and Isolate.

Whey is something which natural outcome in cheese making process and the concentrated form is loaded with various useful stuff. Through this article let’s clear out some of our doubts about Whey Protein Concentrate.

What is Whey Protein Concentrate?

Cheesemakers heat milk before adding an acid, such as lemon juice or vinegar. When the acid causes solid curds to form, the liquid that remains is called whey. Whey protein concentrate is a powdered version of the liquid.

It’s special because of the abundance of valuable bioactive compounds that give whey its distinctive flavor. It is made by concentrating the obtained whey through process like microfiltration, the powder we get contains 80% of protein and the rest 20% is very little fat and carbohydrate.

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At the time of setting up a fitness goal you should keep in mind about building lean muscles and for that you need supplements on regular basis thus spending loads of money on it is not an option. When you are looking for the ideal supplement price is one thing that should be kept in mind.

Isolates are way more expensive while giving just a bit. It only saves a few grams of carbs, absorbs a bit faster, and cutbacks a few calories. Whereas whey protein concentrate provides the similar results, only adding just a few calories, but you can save that much money and use it for gym and diet.


How is Whey Protein Made?

Now you know about whey protein concentrate but how do we get whey?

Whey protein is a blend of proteins extracted from whey, which is the liquid portion of milk that separates during the cheese-making process. Casein (80 percent) and whey (20 percent).

The fatty sections of the milk coagulate during cheese production, and the whey is isolated as a byproduct.

After being separated during the cheese-making process, whey goes through several processing steps to become what is commonly known as whey protein.

Taking whey protein is a convenient way to add protein on top of your daily intake. This can be important for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, as well as people who need to lose weight or are simply lacking protein in their diet.

Does whey concentrate helps in Gaining Muscles?

As you now know where whey and its concentrate come from, let us understand how it helps in muscle growth.

With increasing age, muscle mass naturally declines which leads to fat gain and various chronic diseases. However, this decline can be slowed down or even reversed with strength training and adequate diet combined.

whey protein helps in muscle building

A diet having a good amount of protein or supplements will bring out better results as is also said as a preventive strategy.

As I’ve already explained in my previous article it is a fast-absorbing protein eventually our body can easily digest it compared to other proteins.

A high-quality protein like Whey is rich in a branched-chain amino acid called Leucine, a growth-promoting (anabolic) of the amino acids. For this reason, it is effective for preventing loss in muscle growth with increasing age.

Whey protein has shown better results in muscle growth rather than other proteins like casein and soy.  It is an excellent source for promoting and maintaining muscle growth.

When Should I Drink Whey Concentrate?

If you ask when is the ideal time to have my protein supplement? Well, there is no such thing but what you should always keep in your routine, whether you are trying to grow more muscles or lose excess fat.

For an effective gain in muscles and weight loss, whey protein can be consumed before, after or even in between workouts. Muscle protein synthesis usually is maximized after an intense workout.

However, unless and until your diet is lacking in protein taking supplements like this won’t be very helpful. In a study older adults consuming high protein and did resistance training had no difference in muscle growth.

Commonly 1-2 scoops (20-25 grams) of the powder is suggested to be consumed with milk, yoghurt, or whichever way you prefer.

While supplementing just as a weight-loss medium would be a wrong idea. It has shown to aid in bringing up metabolism and reducing cravings.

Does Whey Concentrate have any Side Effects?

The only drawback of concentrate is that it contains milk sugars which mean that is not for lactose intolerants.

The isolated version is able to get rid of this lactose but other than that there is no significant difference between them.

Both share the same profile amino acids and have great absorption and digestibility, even have the same immunoglobulins and lactoferrins that are essential for good health.

benefits and side effects of whey protein concentrate.

So, for whey concentrate, I can say that it provides virtually the same result as isolate, both in muscle growth and recovery, as well as bringing out a clearly distinctive result in weight loss.

But the most important factor is, it’s highly pocket-friendly compared to isolate.

There are many good benefits like- it reduces high cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease, also helpful in many inflammatory bowel diseases, even reduces blood fats.

It can definitely be said that it’s wholesome nutrition worthy of adding to your diet. Supplementing your whole foods with whey concentrate protein and few hours in the gym will positively bring out the best in you.


writer: Sneha Dey

NOTE: If you have any query about whey protein powder or want a review of a whey brand or anything regarding WHEY, feel free to comment down below and we will write about it for you.

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