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whey protein powder

For a lot of people, “WHEY PROTEIN IS A STEROID” and it is only beneficial for people who are into intense bodybuilding or athletes.

Wait do you also have this confusion in your mind???

Okay, so here in this blog, I am going to clear the confusion and give you the reasons to introduce Whey protein in your healthy lifestyle.

 Is whey protein powder helpful?

“Whey protein is not only for the bodybuilder or athletes”, but it is also for the individuals of all ages who value the role of fitness in their healthy lifestyle.

Despite getting into the gym and having a good quality workout and also following the diet chart, still not getting the results you want.

Try “Whey protein powder” yes guys, whey protein powder along with your daily workout and diet chart will help you to achieve your goals faster because it is the only protein powder that contains all nine essential amino acids and the best part is it is absorbed by the body very quickly.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose whey protein powder

Building a body is not the only reason to choose whey protein. There is plenty of reason why whey is good for you. So here are 10 reasons to choose whey protein in your daily lifestyle:

  1. Whey protein helps in losing weight

A study in 2008 and was published in Nutrition and Metabolism, showed that overweight adults who introduced Whey protein powder in their weight loss journey lost more body fats and hold more muscle mass than those who did not introduce whey protein powder in their weight loss journey.

 If you are on a low-calorie diet to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle then supplement yourself with whey protein powder because it is loaded with essential amino acids, including leucine and cysteine, which are high-quality proteins and it helps people to feel full longer than carbohydrates or fats.

weight loss with whey protein powder

Drinking whey protein powder alone won’t make you lose weight, but if you take this supplement along with your diet and good quality exercise, you will see a major decrease in liver fat within 3-4 weeks. Hence introducing whey protein powder in your diet may be a great idea when trying to lose weight.

2. Whey protein helps in muscle growth

Whey protein supplement is mostly consumed for the increase in muscle growth and strength.

This supplement powder increases muscle mass and strength by releasing anabolic hormones such as insulin, that stimulate muscle growth.

The substance’s leucine content stimulates muscle protein synthesis in our body. Its protein and amino acids help muscle growth and it is more effective when it is consumed before, after, or during a workout.

whey protein powder

Did you know that you can lose up to 5% of your lean muscle mass after 30, so consuming whey protein powder is more effective than any other protein powder as it promotes muscle growth faster?

But if you’re already eating plenty of meat, fish, eggs and dairy then the benefits of adding whey protein powder will probably be minimal.

3. Whey protein helps in reducing high cholesterol

Having whey protein powder with regular exercise not only helps to increase muscle mass and toned body but also lower your high cholesterol (LDL).

Since high cholesterol leads to a higher risk of strokes and heart diseases. A study which was published in The British Journal of Nutrition Trusted Source, examined by giving 54 grams of whey protein supplements for 12 weeks to 70 overweight men and women and after 12 weeks they found that there was a significant decrease in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol among those overweight men and women.

But before consuming whey protein powder for bad cholesterol please do consult your physician or gym trainer first.

4. Whey protein helps in reducing inflammation

Inflammation is a part of the body’s responses to damage. Excess inflammation becomes harmful to your health and also leads to respiratory illness as it happens due to bad lifestyle habits.

A study suggested that Whey protein powder acts as an anti-inflammatory compound to your body. Having this supplement powder along with some exercise reduces gut inflammation and damage to the intestinal lining by increasing both antioxidant defences and good bacteria.

5. Whey protein helps in controlling high pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension occurs when your blood pressure increases to unhealthy levels due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, obesity or sometimes because of your family history.

Hypertension is quite common nowadays, it is not treated as a disease anymore it has become a part of a lifestyle. But high blood pressure can cause damage to your blood vessels and organs, especially the brain, heart, eyes, and kidneys if ignored.

So regular check-up with your doctor is necessary and also choosing a healthy lifestyle by eating vegetables, doing some exercise and also supplementing yourself with whey protein powder because there was a research which was published in the InternationalDairy Journalfound that patients who were suffering from high blood pressure were supplements with whey protein powder and as a result, their blood pressure was under control. Hence whey protein contains helpful enzymes, ACE inhibitors which work to control high blood pressure levels.

6. Whey protein helps in type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious disease that no one wants. But the question is whether whey protein is going to help to manage it or not.

For people with type 2 diabetes, taking whey protein during a meal increases the insulin response and significantly decreases blood glucose levels.

People with diabetes always have a problem with maintaining a low sugar level.

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has conducted a research where they experimented with whether whey protein will help in type 2 diabetes or not.

The main thing to check was whether it reduces the glycaemic level or not. Well, whey protein has amino acids which stimulate beta cells to secret insulin, which helps in reducing glycaemic level.

Doses of whey protein for these people also depends upon the nutrition that they are taking. They are on a strict diet than consuming whey protein might be an overdose for them.

In the end, it is been concluded that whey protein does have a good impact on these people as it helps in reducing the glycaemic level regardless you have to keep your insulin level checked and take it in proper doses you will see good results in the short run but not in long run.

7. Whey protein helps feel fuller, eat less

The main reason for gaining weight is the continued munching on unhealthy snacks. Whenever we get hit by food cravings, we end up grabbing a lot of junk and unhealthy food, which is not good for our health and especially for obese people.

But What if we say that there is a healthy, natural, low-fat, low-carbs drink that could crush your cravings… yes isn’t that amazing.

Well that is a whey protein powder, so if you include whey protein powder in your diet plan it will help you to feel fuller, so automatically you will not feel hungry and eat less and as a result, you will lose weight. So instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, drink a whey protein shake beforehand.

It’s a scientific fact that protein will help you feel fuller and more satisfied for a  longer period of time.

8. Whey protein helps reduce the symptoms of stress and depression

Are you feeling stressed or depressed? Try supplementing yourself with whey protein powder because some Researchers put 58 subjects through experimental stress and found that people who consumed whey protein powder experienced fewer symptoms of depression and seemed in a better mood than those who did not consume.

So try whey protein powder, you will not only feel refreshed but you’ll also sleep better, be able to control stress, and stay on top of anxiety. But before that please reach out for help first.

9. Whey protein helps in controlling Asthma

 Asthma is a long-term inflammatory disease of the airway of the lungs and caused by several factors.

Whey protein has many benefits and as far as asthma is concerned, not only in adults but also in children, it can improve immune response in children with asthma.

There was a small study involving 11 children, which was published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

Trusted Source, found that children suffering from asthma, were given to consume 10 grams of whey protein twice daily for 1 month had an improved immune response. So it is safe to consume whey protein powder even if one is suffering from asthma

10. Whey protein helps in improving the digestive system

By now we have understood that whey protein powder is a by-product of milk. In the process of refining whey powder, it is loaded with digestive enzymes which helps in the digestion process.

A different form of whey protein digests differently as high-quality whey like whey protein isolate or hydrolysate digest much quicker as it has very less quantity of lactose. More the lactose more it takes to digest.

So, it is always recommended to take good quality whey protein powder.



Should you buy whey protein powder?

So beyond just muscle gain, strength and leanness, whey protein provides numerous other health benefits like lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and reducing symptoms of stress and depression.

It also protects against cancer, reduces symptoms of hepatitis, increases bone mineral density and a lot more.

whey protein powder

If you are someone who is looking for this kind of health benefit then I would suggest going for them. Whey protein powder is a healthy and safer option than any other supplement out there on the market.


WRITER: Mahwash Ahmed

NOTE: If you have any queries about whey protein powder or want a review of a whey brand or anything regarding WHEY, feel free to comment down below and we will write about it for you.

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