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Hey guys, This is Shakyadeep Bose, a Digital Marketing student from the city of joy, Kolkata, India with lots of hobbies. Working out is by far the favourite one and this blog is the result of the same.

I have been working out for more than 5 years now and am still a learner. So, I have decided to share my knowledge with you.

One of the main reasons to start this blog is, there are too many misinformation on consumption of supplements after workout. They may have a negative impact on your body if not taken in right quantity. Not to worry, I am here now after thorough research for presenting this blog to provide you with the correct information on every available supplements that’ll help you to build your physique if followed properly.

I still remember the time when I started working out there were so many people with the wrong notion about “whey protein.” Without having any logical reason they even commented “whey protein is bad for your body” or “protein powder will cause severe health problems.” After hearing too many misconceptions I finally decided to bat against the cloud and decided to clear out the misconceptions going around.

My blog / website thewheycloud.com is going to focus on comprehensive researched and unbiased opinion about whey proteins.

The main parameters that I am going to focus on are

  • Whey protein in general
  • transparency of every product descriptions
  • origin
  • raw material source
  • manufacturing units
  • delivery/ distributor
  • pricing justification

Who doesn’t want a good physique or to maintain their fitness? Well, good food habit and a good supplement is the secret behind that. That is the reason I want to guide you to choose your whey protein and continue your daily dose of gains.

So, if you want a detailed and clear knowledge about whey protein and the products that are best suit for you consider subscribing to my blog.

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Happy gain guys!

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